Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sick to my stomach

Ok, so last I wrote, I had a huge dilemna. I was offered my dream job, and it starts around the time I would be stimming for IVF. I was freaking out yesterday, but decided to not contact my IVF nurse till I could speak with my husband.

He had a very interesting idea. Since this is a federal job, the first year is a trial period, at which any given point, you can be fired for any reason. So, our fear is that if I am visibly pregnant before my year end review next September, I will be fired. But, here's his brilliant idea: since I do NOT want to disappoint my recipient or make her wait any longer to achieve her dreams, what if I could do my stims and the ER, divide the eggs in half (if I have more than 8. If less than 8, she gets them all anyways), and once mine are fertilized, freeze them and do an FET in the summer?

Sure, that means I won't have a fresh cycle, but it seems many of my fellow Bumpies are having better luck with FET's than their fresh IVF cycles. Plus, then I could do my FET in June or July of 2011, and if it takes, still not be visibly pregnant in late September for my year end review. Once that year mark hits, I will be vested and cannot be fired because I am pregnant.

Worst case scenario? I only produce 8 eggs or less, and then my recipient gets them all. But, this is not a 'worst case scenario,' because if this happens, then I get an entirely free new IVF cycle of my own, with no donation, since I donated everything the previous round.

I sent an e-mail to my IVF nurse letting her know I needed to talk to her. I am sick to my stomach waiting for the call.

Please keep me in your prayers that 1) This scenario can work and 2) if it doesn't, I will get another opportunity that will still allow me to take this job, which is the best thing financially for my family.

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  1. Good luck jme! I was thinking about you all night. ;)