Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sigh of Relief

So, I talked to my nurse. She first said, "Whoa," after I told her everything. She told me that she can make this work, well I will do the ER now for my recipient, and freeze my embies or do a new IVF cycle if I have to give mine all away to my receipient (if there are less than 8). 8 is truly the magic number here.

She did say that I will incur more costs for a FET later down the road, so I asked her to please work up an estimate on how much more it will be. Since I am going to be making a lot more money than I am now, I will hopefully have enough saved up to be able to pay the extra fee now problem.

I feel sooooo much better. I know now I am not letting my recipient down, and I can now focus on getting the lay of the land at my new job and doing my FET or IVF # 2 (whichever it works out to be) next summer.

I feel tons better!!!!!!!!

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