Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school, back to school....

To prove to Dad that I'm no fool.....

Hee, hee. Not really, but today certainly felt like a remedial course in all thing injections and IF that I know. Today, Mr. JME and I attended our Embryology and Injections class. All went well, and I already knew everything about injections, except for the mixing of the Menopur and Novarel. I was relieved to learn that I will not have to do any PIO shots when the time finally comes for my transfer next summer!! (PHEW) Instead, Crinone suppositories will be the M.O. for the 2WW, 2x daily.

I have been on BCP since the 26th, and will begin my Lupron injections on the 17th of this month. The embryologist was very cool, a New Orleans lady with a blunt sense of humor. She told us straight up that there is a big chance that I may not produce enough eggs to split with my recipient, and will have to give all of my eggs this go around to her and do another fresh cycle myself some time in the future. Really, I am more than okay with this. My recipient gets her shot at being pregnant ASAP, and I get to have a new cycle for virtualyl free at my choosing down the road. My Embryologist told me frankly, this might be the best outcome to hope for. I will be happy with whatever path God intends for me to be on, truthfully.

The only possible hiccup down the road now is on my recipient's side. My donor IVF nurse, D, told me that my recipiet's bloodwork came back borderline diabetic, and she is having to see a specialist right now in an effort to get her blood work to an acceptable level to proceed by the 17th. Her specialist felt this could be accomplished, but if for some reason it does not, the whole cycle is off. That leaves much in the balance, but my nurse told me to focus on today and tomorrow, and no further in the future than that. Will do!

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